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Kashmiri Shaivism- A Conversation with Subhash Kak

Kashmiri Shavism has a very special place in our civilizational philosophy as well as in our history.

It is one of the non-dualist philosophies of Bharateeya Parampara that contributed unique concepts such as Parapara and Pratyabhignana, apart from a very rich lived tradition that entire societies made their own and evolved. Its influence has been far and wide. Its proponents Abhinava Gupta, Vasu Gupta, Utpala deva etc., occupy a high place in the philosophical and intellectual tradition of Bharatavarsha. Revisiting Kashmiri Shavisim is a journey to a dynamic universe – an experience of Iha and Para together.

Dr. Subhash Kak needs no introduction to the Indics. He is a professor of Computer Science at Oklamaha State University. He is a member of the PM-STIAC – Prime Minister. More importantly, he is one the luminaries of the intellectual tradition and heritage of Bharatavarsha. In addition, he has extensively written about the history of science, ancient astronomy, aspects of Indology etc., He was honoured with Padmashri in the year 2019 by the Government of India. He is an exponent of Kashmiri Shaivism and has a lived experience with the tradition, being from Kashmir himself. We are very proud and honoured that he is a member of our Advisory Board at Indic Today and is also a member of the Academic Council of Indic Academy.

On the eve of this Mahashivaratri, we are pleased to share a conversation with Dr. Subhash Kak on Kashmiri Shaivism. With him we make a journey into the philosophical universe of Kashmiri Shaivism. This is our offering to Mahadev – our own Pratyabhignana for ourselves, as well as for our Civilization. With Mahadev’s ashirwad we shall bring back the essence of our civilization to the centre stage of Bharatavarsha.

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