Annual Summary of Indic Workshops 2016-17

In the year 2016, Indic Academy organised two workshops in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. 

Indic Writers Workshop – From 9-10 April (Bangalore)

Indic Academy in collaboration with Swarajya, organised a ‘Writer’s Workshop’ which had sessions on specific themes of writing such as on economics, political satire, popular history, visual storytelling and creative nonfiction.

The workshop took place at a location in the outskirts of Bangalore. Over eighty participants attended the event with most of the attendees coming from outside Bangalore.

The workshop was curated by R Jagannathan, the Editorial Director of Swarajya. Best selling author and one of India’s well known editors MJ Akbar addressed the workshop, followed by a host of celebrated writers and authors. Speakers included Anand Ranganathan, Madhu Kishwar, Sanjeev Sanyal, Vivek Dehejia, Rahul Roushan, Vivek Agnihotri and Hindol Sengupta.

For a detailed summary of the Indic Writers Workshop 2016, please click here.

Rajadharma – Rajatantra Workshop – 24th & 25th April 2016 (Hyderabad)

Indic Academy organised a two-day Workshop on “Rajadharma & Rajatantra” addressed by Ravinder Acharya in Hyderabad. The workshop on Socio-Political Vision through an Indic perspective was designed for public intellectuals.  




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