Conversation with Sri Dushyanth Sridhar by Dr Nagaraj Paturi

Dr. Nagaraj Patauri from Indic Academy had a conversation with Sri Dushyanth Sridhar, curator & founder of Abhinava e-Pātashālā. Sri Dushyanth Sridhar is one of the most sought-after public speakers in Sanātana Dharma, who renders discourses in English & Tamil. He also delivers lectures to corporates and educational institutions besides speaking at renowned conclaves.

Sri Dushyanth Sridhar speaks about Abhinava e-Pātashālā, an initiative he started in order to spread the knowledge of our Indic heritage. This initiative aims at instilling pride amongst its sishyās, thereby making each of them a torchbearer of our tradition and culture.

In this conversation, he further talks about our ancient Vedic Civilization and how modern India is finding its roots.

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