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Civilization – Counter Religion, Continuity and Collapse with Manasataramgini- Part I

Hindus are often accused of being insular, with no tradition of studying other civilizations and with no sense of history. In this podcast, we take a small step towards redressing this long-held shortcoming.

Our guest is Shri Manasataramgini, the anonymous intellectual idol of many in the Internet Trad Hindu movement. He has been writing his blog for more than 15 years now. He was also a regular on many Internet forums. The body of his work, over the years, has ranged from history, biological sciences, mathematics, Hindu philosophy, Tantra and Vaidika praxis.

We decided to discuss one of his unique contributions to the Hindu discourse – his understanding of the flow and ebb of civilization, civilizational clashes and his unique perspective that applies the methods of biology to understand historical phenomena.

In this discussion, we delve on a wide range of subjects and incidents to weave a picture. We take a whirlwind tour through such forgotten figures as Gemistos Plethon, Tarka Panchanana and Maimonides.

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