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Vedas Not for Sati

In the light of 14th century Sāyaṇācārya’s commentary, Here are the Five Ancient Vedic Mantras that Dissuade Sati and Encourage Widow Remarriage. Presence of these Mantras in the Saṃhitā texts pushes the antiquity of the mantras further deep into the past. Sāyaṇācārya whose commentary is used to explain these mantras is from 14th Century, Vijayanagara empire.

Vedānga: The Limbs Of Vedic knowledge

Different Vedic knowledge branches had their own way of recitation, sets of syllables etc. and these texts are called prātiśākhy , which contains Śikṣā, vyākaraṇa (Devanāgarī: व्याकरण) and sometimes chanda (Devanāgarī: छन्द) rules for that specific branch of knowledge.

Apsara Vedic Origins

Apsaras : Vedic Origins Of The Cosmic Damsels

Apsaras have been a consistent part of Hinduism, having an insightful presence in Vedic literature. The commonality lies in the fact that these beautiful creations were females with captivating powers and immense dedication to their creators.