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Literature As Elements Of Spiritual Communication In Awadh Kathak Parampara

The ethos of spiritual communication runs like an eternal thread of through history linking these poets like pearls in a necklace. It is for the kathakaars of today to understand this unified thought and add themselves like pearls into the very same necklace, that connects us for eternity, thus making us ‘patras’ suitable for spiritual communion.

Spiritual Quest In Today’s Context

You can choose to build a world with equity, mutual respect, respect for the earth and respect for many truths i.e., a world where you, your context and the whole earth can flourish.


Light: A Secular Expression

The Radiance of a flame or of the blazing sun confirms the presence of light. Luminosity has both physical and pious expression. The spiritual manifestation of light refers to purity,…

Samanya Dharma and Spirituality

Samanya Dharma and Spirituality

The role of samanya dharma in any spiritual path is foundational in nature. It acts as a basic requisite that imparts required qualities to a practitioner that make him eligible to practice any genuine spiritual path that ultimately leads to moksha.

Uniting Spirituality and Ecology: The Western Ghat Temples

India is best known around the globe for its culture, biodiversity, monuments, cuisine, festivals and spiritual practices that depict its holistic philosophy of life. In the original Vedic tradition, all these aspects have been beautifully interlaced into a seamless fabric – a system that enables economic growth without harming the society or environment.

A Fulfilling Journey To Kailash Manasarovar

दानतीर्थतपोयज्ञपूर्वाः सर्वेऽपि सर्वदा | अङ्गानिहरिसेवायां भक्तिस्त्वेका विमुक्तये || Daana, teerthayatra, tapas and yajna are all instruments to perform constant service of sri hari; (They lead to bhakti) Bhakti is the…