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Vedas Not for Sati

In the light of 14th century Sāyaṇācārya’s commentary, Here are the Five Ancient Vedic Mantras that Dissuade Sati and Encourage Widow Remarriage. Presence of these Mantras in the Saṃhitā texts pushes the antiquity of the mantras further deep into the past. Sāyaṇācārya whose commentary is used to explain these mantras is from 14th Century, Vijayanagara empire.


Ahilya Bai Holkar: The Feisty Queen of Maheshwar

An extraordinary picture: a female without vanity, a bigot without intolerance; a mind imbued with the deepest superstition, yet receiving  no impressions except what promoted the happiness of those under its influence; a being exercising, in the most active and able manner, despotic power, not merely with sincere humility, but under severest moral restraint that a strict conscience could impose on human action; and all this combined with the greatest indulgence for the weakness and faults of others. Such, at least is the account which the natives of Malwa give of Ahilyabai; with them her name is sainted, and she is styled an Avatar, or incarnation of the divinity.