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Vedic Culture: The Difference It Can Make in Your Life

A review of “Vedic Culture: The Difference it Can Make in Your Life,” by Stephen Knapp may be rather discomfiting, it is offered with the hope that some people, especially those busy writing their own books, will indeed pick this book up to ponder over their own fate in this world of maya, and the fate of the world in the grip of busy human bodies.

Voluntary Death In Sanatana Dharma

If we look at our Vedic tradition, where life is known to be continuous by nature with repetitions of birth and death, till one becomes one with Paramatma, death is discussed in great detail.

A Brief Study Of Possession In Hinduism Part I: Introduction

The English word possession and spirits when taken together have come to indicate a certain unfriendly, disturbing, yet exotic area of life whose detailed knowledge, though scanty or rare, is nevertheless peppered with an element of a peculiar, and unknown attraction which is common about things liminal to our daily existence.