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Puranas On The Parvatas Of The World

‘The Purāṇas place the whole mountain system of the world at the centre around the Meru, which is in turn said to be situated in the middle of Ilāvṛta varṣa.’ Research paper by Dr. Vidyuta K


The Raja-dharma Series: Call for Articles

Indic Today calls for Articles for the “Raja Dharma Series” – to create a collection of articles from various Epics, Puranas and Classical Literature of Sanskrit and other Bharateeya Bhashas on Rajadharma.

Understanding Bhavishya Purana in Modern Context 

In the Bhavishya Purana, there are many stories covering a wide variety of subjects. Several aspects of life and social situations of common people are described and suggested ways to deal with these is also woven intelligently in the stories. How do these stories relate to present day?