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Katha Series: Niralamba Tapasvini – Part 1

This is the story of the great Tapasvini, Kunigargee from Teertha Yatra Parva of Mahabharata. She was the daughter of the great Sage Kungigarga who was performing severe austerities in his Ashram on the banks of River Saraswatee in what maps to today’s Haryana, after the region of Kurukshetra towards the Shivalik Parvata-s. She continued her penance all alone after the Sage left his body for the greater loka-s. Her penance took her through many challenges. This story is about how she measures up to them and achieves the ultimate.

Krishna Shiva

Shiva and Krishna

In numerous instances across different Purānas and Itihāsas, we can find that Maha Vishnu and Parameshwara are contemporaries who complement each other and support each other in various forms. Through the various incidents, the common message that is conveyed to the humankind to assimilate is that there is absolutely no difference between the 2 supreme powers.

Manavas should transcend the barriers of ignorance that identifies differences between them and aspire to reach the state of equanimity where one worships both supreme powers with equal devotion and fervour.

This article tries to capture some specific instances where Shiva and Vishnu in his Krishna avatar had some close encounters. These interactions have some interesting answers that we aspire for and provide a much better perspective of the perceived differences or rather the lack of the same.