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Reflections of Advaita Vedānta in Sarvajña Tripadis by Nithin Sridhar

Conference on Oneness- Advaita in Arts, Music & Dance: Reflections of Advaita Vedānta in Sarvajña Tripadis by Nithin Sridhar. The paper was presented in the Conference on Oneness, jointly organized by Indic Academy and Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV) that was held in Kochi between 15th and 17th October, 2019.

Samanya Dharma and Spirituality

Samanya Dharma and Spirituality

The role of samanya dharma in any spiritual path is foundational in nature. It acts as a basic requisite that imparts required qualities to a practitioner that make him eligible to practice any genuine spiritual path that ultimately leads to moksha.

Sensitising About Menstruation One City At a Time: Nithin Sridhar

This is a brief tour report of the 14 city tour to promote Nithin Sridhar’s book ‘Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective’ and speak about traditional knowledge and cultural practices related to menstruation. The tour was organized by Indic Academy as part of its initiatives to promote Indic authors and books that enunciate Indic knowledge. .