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Vedic Mindfulness BVK Sastry

Māheśvara Sūtras as ‘Ḍamaru’: Vāk-Yoga Technique of Vedic Mindfulness by Prof BVK Sastry

Conference on Vedic Mindfulness- Māheśvara Sūtras as ‘Ḍamaru’: Vāk-Yoga Technique of Vedic Mindfulness by Prof BVK Sastry and Achyut Karve. This paper , co-authored by Achyut Karve, was presented at the seminar on ‘Vedic Mindfulness’ jointly organized by Indic Academy’s Inter Gurukula University Centre and Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts in New Delhi in July, 2019.

Asparśa-yoga: A unique Vedantic technique of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very popular practice today in the West. While its origins in the Buddhist meditation practices of Zen and Vipassanā are grudgingly acknowledged; the rich traditions of meditation and mindfulness in the Vedic tradition, which forms the basis of even the Buddhist practices are rarely written about. This paper examines one such practice of Mindfulness—the asparśa-yoga—that has been conceptualized and practiced in the tradition of Advaita Vedānta. Asparśa-yoga is the yoga of non-contact which has its roots in the Upaniṣad¬-s but finds an explicit mention and a crystal clear enunciation in the Māndukya Kārikā of Ācārya Gauḍapāda. The term asparśa primarily refers to the state of contact-less existence, and secondarily to the means of attaining such a state, both of which will be explored in the paper. It will further be shown how asparśa-yoga can be understood as a unique vedantic practice of mindfulness.