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King Veetahavya belonged to the Haihaya-Yadava dynasty

Mahabharata Metaphors: Kshatriya Veetahavya becomes a Brahmana

The civilization of Bharatamandala nurtured many beautiful flowers in its Purushartha tree. In its quest to live the essence of Purushartha, it explored every way of realizing it. In its exploration, every time it encountered a slippery slope, it marked the path for us to walk with care. Where they found an opportunity for transformation, they left a gem glowing infinitely. It is for us to pick them up and repurpose them for future generations.  

Mythological Fiction

Abhimanyu – Trapped With No Way Out

As Abhimanyu realises he has been trapped in the Chakravu he thinks – Yes, I’m going to die. But I’m going to take as many people as I can with me. Until my last breath, I’m going to follow a kshatriya’s dharma. I’m going to fight as a warrior, and die as one.