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హిందూ మహా వృత్తాంతము

దేశంలోని అన్ని మాధ్యమాలలో ‘హిందూ మహా వృత్తాంతానికి’ సంబందించిన చర్చ పెద్ద ఎత్తున జరగాలి. ఇది చాలా ప్రాముఖ్యత కలిగిన, చాలా లోతైన అవగాహన అవసరమైన విషయం అవ్వటం వలన మన మేధో వర్గం దీనిని దూరదృష్టితో, అఖుంటిత దీక్షతో చేపట్టాలి.

Wheat and Witzel : Sanskrit, Indology and Cowsmoke – Part 2

This case study highlights the criticality of engaging with original Indian texts and more importantly, knowledge of संस्कृतम् so that more Indian scholars and intellectuals can evaluate claims, analyze evidence and figure out the truth.

Wheat and Witzel : Sanskrit, Indology and Cowsmoke – Part 1

There should be a robust evaluation mechanism overseen by traditional Sanskrit grammarians for the acceptability of such sources. Whatever is not justifiable should be discarded as fanciful hallucinations of folks cut off from any ‘on-the-ground’ lived experience or sensitivity to cultural contexts.

Review of “The Sarasvati Civilization” by Maj. Gen. G.D. Bakshi

Who were the Harappans? How are they related to present-day Indians? Was there never an “Aryan Invasion”? The drying-out of the river is the most significant factor in the history and migrations of the ancient Indians. With new evidence, the time has come for a significant paradigm shift in Indology.

Essays on Indic History

This book Essays on Indic History is not just a chronology of events from the past. In fact, it is a deep connection to our present It makes us who we are.