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Sanghi Who Never Went To A Shakha by Rahul Roushan

In the book, Roushan recalls his experiences as a journalist, an entrepreneur, and a combination of both. He, a ‘Congressi Hindu’ in his own terms, narrates how he transitioned from an apolitical guy to a libertarian one to an assertive Hindu.

Natural Enmity by Ashay Naik

Ashay Naik’s book, “Natural Enmity – Reflections on the Niti and Rasa of the Pancatantra [Book 1]”, is a fascinating and scholarly commentary on perhaps the most famous of all animal-tale anthologies.


Often we wonder as to why there haven’t been much works on violence hit Kashmira either from a neutral viewpoint or Indian point of view, let alone dealing with displaced…

Warlight By Michael Ondaatje

“We were used to partial stories” Nathaniel, the protagonist of Michael Ondaatje’s seventh novel ‘Warlight’, tells us in the opening pages of this remarkable novel that is part spy novel…