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The Trailblazing Chisels of the Chalukyas and Pallavas

The Trailblazing Chisels of the Chalukyas and Pallavas

Pallavas and Chalukyas have had an extremely competitive relationship. Both were strong regional powers within Indian in the 6th – 8th-century timespan. However, no matter how strong the rivalry, we see an underlying theme of the exchange of art and aesthetics between these dynasties.

Mandir Mantra -Webinar on Temple Architecture.

Hindu temple architecture is the physical manifestation of the intense spirituality of Sanatana Dharma. Our temples are an expression of our religious faith, our search for the Divine and our love for the profound that transcends the profane.


Dating of Ancient Indian History

Dating of Ancient India, Is from prehistoric times to the start of Medieval India. Which is typically dated to the end of the Gupta Empire. This timeline of Indian History covers every major milestone in the history of India.