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They Deserve More – Grants For Memorial Lectures

Think about it. You are lucky to be the offspring or a student of such an extraordinary teacher, parent or even a grand parent. Someone who was an academic, activist, artist or an author. Someone who worked hard for preserving, protecting and promoting our Dharma.

They had limited resources, no institutional support, often faced hostile colleagues who had a different ‘idea of India’, yet they didn’t give up. They did what they could. They excelled. They taught. They wrote insightful books about our scriptures, our culture, our history, our heritage and our knowledge systems. They performed. They made a difference at the ground level through their activism.

Their work is now collecting dust. Their legacy lost. They went unrecognized. Now their portraits are merely hung in our homes, when actually we should be hanging our heads in shame. You pass by their portraits with a sense of ‘if only’. You wonder if there is anything we can do about it now. You often ponder, how do we recognize some one who is no longer with us? What can I, a direct student or the offspring, who immensely benefited from their teachings do now to perpetuate their legacy?

Hold a Memorial Lecture.

Yes, an annual memorial lecture is an excellent opportunity to pay homage to their work, talk about their life, and continue their legacy for the benefit of our future generations.

Indic Academy is pleased to announce a grants scheme for instituting memorial lectures for Dharmic- Academics, Authors, Activists and Artists. We will be happy to give a grant of Rs. 20,000 or 50 % of the cost of the event which ever is lower if you seek to institute an annual memorial lecture in the honour of those unrecognized people who strove for our Dharma since 1947. You should be their offspring or a direct student seeking to popularize their teachings, their work and the values they stood for.

Let’s come together and bring them back to life. From sepia to colour. Surely they deserve more.

Write to us with a bio and details of the proposed event at Our selection committee will go through the applications and select 25 nominees.

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