Covidamma or Coronatalli ? A Conversation on Folk Hindu Religious Response to epidemics

Video discusses the ancient rituals, traditions and beliefs in the folk Hindu culture. Dr. Nagarj discusses about his research and findings in rituals from the folk culture and the integration of the vedic culture and the folk culture. Both cultures – Vedic traditions and Folk traditions have impacted each other while not completely taking over each other. Dr. Nagaraj goes on to discuss the folk traditions in response to epidemics. 

Legacy Partnerships and Retrospective – Prospective Webinar Series

A series of webinars “Retrospective -Prospective ‘ are also planned with the scholars where in a comprehensive look at the entire body of work of the scholar is reviewed and also current and future projects discussed. Students and research scholars are encouraged to participate in these webinars and reach out to the scholars to work under their tutelage.