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उत्तर काण्ड – दुविधा के कारण

रामायण हमारे सबसे बड़े और महान महाकाव्यों में से एक है, इसे एक जीवित शिक्षक के तुल्य माना जाता है जो लोगों को सभ्य मानव के रूप में अग्रणी जीवन की बारीकियों से अवगत कराता है।

ramayana khandana

Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa’s Uttarakāṇḍa is Authentic Beyond Doubt – Deal with it!

Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa’s first six ‘Kāṇḍa-s’ has brought many prominent characters into the story but we wouldn’t know the histories of several of them, both among protagonists as well as antagonists. In general, whatever ‘Praśna-s (Questions)’ the first six Kāṇḍa-s raise in our minds, the answers to all of them are given by the ‘seventh’ Kāṇḍa.  ‘Uttara’ means answer, hence true to its name, the ‘Uttarakāṇḍa a’ gives answers to all our queries. Therefore, it is futile to deny or handicap the great epic by Vālmīki’s authorship of the seventh canto.


Polytheism and Ecology

Abstract The ecological wisdom of the world’s indigenous polytheisms requires a properly polytheistic conceptual framework as a bridge to the global philosophical and practical environmental discourse, in place of the…


Sculptural Depictions of Yogic Postures

Various deities have been sculpted in different yogäsanas, in order to remind the people who come to worship the deities to understand the importance of these Yogic postures and implement them in their day to day life.