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Dating of Ancient Indian History

Dating of Ancient India, Is from prehistoric times to the start of Medieval India. Which is typically dated to the end of the Gupta Empire. This timeline of Indian History covers every major milestone in the history of India.

Nahusha Bheema

Mahabharata Metaphors: King Nahusha – The Immense Fall and The Great Reformation

The larger goal of life must be renunciation and striving for Moksha. Nahusha rediscovers this emphasis for himself, eventually, in his conversation with Yudhishthira – in the discussion of who a genuine brahmana/sage is and the nature of the Parabrahma vastu. Thus, he sets himself firmly in the path of renunciation in the guidance he provides to the future that is Yudhishthira. Hence, he regains his divine form and the right to be back to the exalted worlds.

guilds in ancient india

Ancient Indian Economy Part III – Guilds in Ancient Bharata

Are we aware that corporate bodies have a hoary history in India? These corporate groups of merchants and artisans following a common profession have played a very active role in the economic set up of ancient India. The whole manufacturing sector and trade networks were controlled by these guilds.  In English they are known as mercantile guilds and the Sanskrit and Pālī equivalents of this term are śreṇī, nigama, gaṇa, saṁgha and vrāta. Apart from economic functions, these guilds were also involved in making acts of charity to religious institutions like Buddhist Monasteries.

Bharat Mata

Dukh, Depression and Journeys of Life Part IV – Journey of Bharata

I have always been in awe of how Bharat as a country has treated any Dukha or sorrow. From the time our civilization has started, our country has been unique in the way Dukha has been given acceptance and respect so much that we even had one philosophy or religion based on Dukha – Buddhism. While most other countries and civilization were more interested in Bhog-vilas (success and luxury), we were more interested in accepting and handling Dukha. One could even say that our explanation of Karma was in a way aimed at explaining why we have Dukha and how we can prevent ourselves from having it in the future.