Apsara Vedic Origins

Apsaras : Vedic Origins Of The Cosmic Damsels

Apsaras have been a consistent part of Hinduism, having an insightful presence in Vedic literature. The commonality lies in the fact that these beautiful creations were females with captivating powers and immense dedication to their creators.

Shripad Vallabh

Learning From Beyond Classrooms

Learning from nature is not graded; neither does it involve cramming. The observation and interpretation varies from person to person, influencing the depth of understanding. Nature is a steady teacher. It is for the learners to interpret and translate the knowledge that is stored in these untapped reservoirs of knowledge. Wisdom gathering is a ceaseless progression.

Shri Jagannath and Jayadeva’s Gitagovinda

Jayadeva’s Gitagovinda eternalized the love tales of Sri Krishna and Devi Radha for all time to come. This illustrious poet of Odisha has ever since remained synonymous with the Jagannath Sampradaya as well as the Bhakti movement for his amorous masterpiece – the Gitgovinda, celebrating the love of Lord Jagannath as Krishna with the cowherd maiden Radha.


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