Katha Series: What’s in your pitcher?

Taking our #KathaSeries forward is a simple story with deep moral values. “What’s In Your Pitcher?” is an eloquent narration by Rekha Dhar about letting go of negativities and filling our lives with gratitude, kindness and hope.


Kashmiri New Year – NAVREH

The Kashmiris offer Taeher – yellow rice cooked with turmeric to the goddess and later distribute it among the friends and family members.


Herath – MahaShivratri the Koshur Way

According to the Kashmiri lore, Herath commemorates the manifestation of the great Jwala Linga or the pillar of light, which appeared on triyodashi, a day before MahaShivratri day.  The story goes like this – Goddess Parvati along with the yoginis was meditating in the forest.  Meanwhile Lord Shiva, who was searching for his divine consort Shakti, appeared in the form of a Flaming Linga, at Pradosh Kaal or the dusk of the early night in the form of a Swacchand Bhairava – a fearsome form of Shiv.