Mahabharata as a manual of Advaita Vedanta

Adi Shankaracharya in his famous introduction to Gita Bhashya, speaks about how Vedas expound two-fold Dharma for people: Pravritti Dharma or the path of action for those with desire and Nivritti Dharma or the path of knowledge and dispassion, for those who have turned away from desire. In other words, Pravritti and Nivritti Dharmas form the two-fold essence of Veda.

Reflections On Bhakti Part III: Defining ‘Bhakti’

Bhakti is not mere faith, it is not mere chanting of bhajans or listening to Satsang. Bhakti in its primary sense refers to the highest love which is of the nature of modification of the melted mind directed continuously and uninterruptedly towards Ishwara.