Fellowship For Research And Book Writing

Indic Academy’s Inter-University Centre for Indic Knowledge Studies, as part of its commitment to promote quality research based book writing in Indic Knowledge Studies is glad to institute a “Fellowship For Research And Book Writing” program. This Fellowship program is not oriented towards a degree or title.

The Fellowship carries an honorarium of Rs 10,000/- per month and publication of the book written through the fellowship. (In the case of a fieldwork-based research fieldwork expenditure is provided under the guidance/scrutiny of the guide). In all, five fellowships are awarded from one of the themes below. The fellowship is open to applicants from all over the world. Applicants from countries other than India will be paid the equivalent honorarium in dollars.

Indic Academy with it’s global network will promote the sales of the publication and ensure great impact of the research work on the academic and public intellectuals.

Research Topics:

Applicants may choose topics from the themes listed below. Against each theme one topic is suggested by IUC for IKS. Among these themes applicants may also choose some other topic that can contribute to Indic knowledge Studies.

Serial NumberThemeRecommended Topic
1SanskritVibrant/Creative Modern Life of Sanskrit
2Folk TraditionsCultural Unity Of India vis-a-vis folk traditions
3WellnessSvara Yoga: The Science of Breath Based Body-Mind Wellness
4Environment and SustainabilityEnvironmentalism as the hallmark of Vedic and Indian folk worldview
5EthicsDharma and Human Rights
6Design and AestheticsIntroduction to Indic ethno-aesthetics
7Tribal & Pagan Cultures of India Pre-modern versus modern view towards tribes and their culture in India
8Advaita (Non-dualism)Non-dualism (Advaita ) as mass/popular worldview
9Psychology Psychological aspects of Saankhya Philosophy
10Governance and EconomyDiscussion on good governance in Mahabharata

Who can apply?

Any individual interested in writing research-based books preferably in English on topics that can contribute to Indic knowledge Studies, but is in need of and ready to receive research guidance.

How to apply/nominate:

A letter of application along with a statement of interest and a detailed bio-data is to be submitted to

Last Date: 31st December, 2018

Criterion of selection:

Main criterion of selection is flair and skill in writing books with a readiness for getting trained in research and book-writing, a strong respect for Indic tradition and Indic Knowledge Systems and a commitment for taking Indic knowledge Studies forward.

There is no age limit for the applicants.


Each of the chosen applicant will be assigned a mentor who will be an expert in the chosen theme. The mentor will guide the participant from time to time and help him or her complete the book.

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