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You are working for the Govt or a PSU or a University or any Institution that is bound by Govt rules.

You are 59, going on 60.

You are thinking of a word beginning with ‘RE’. We are thinking of 20 words that begin with ‘RE’. Difference? Retire means inaction. Each one of our 20 words signifies action.

We have also framed a new rule for you. We call it the 60:20 rule. (Apologies Mr. Parito)

We believe the next 20 years of your life can be more active and enriching than your previous 60 years. How, you may wonder. You lead a good life and were making all those plans for a quiet retirement and here we are promising the next 20 years to be even more active than the previous 60! Haven’t we heard of Vanaprastha? Isn’t that how it was supposed to be as per our scriptures? Well. Longevity has increased. Times have changed, but Universities, PSUs and Govt haven’t. So, we have this peculiar imbalance between your ability to work and contribute, and those archaic rules of retirement by 60. How can our country let go of such talent and energy at such an early age? (It appears, the govt has woken up and the economic survey this year did mention increasing the retirement age).

Welcome to G-20.

We are a non-traditional ‘university for traditional knowledge, and we have embarked on a journey to bring about a global renaissance that is based on our civilizational thought. We are looking to mould the old you into new. We are looking to transform you, enable you to work for the next 20 years. We truly believe the pool of experienced talent available in our country that has crossed 60 and is forced to retire, is immense. Talent, that can be tapped and nurtured, for preserving, protecting and promoting our heritage.

Before we tell you how, we would like to narrate the story of K. Aravind Rao, retired former Director General of Police of AP. The highest rank in a State. A distinguished career that involved tackling violence. Guess what? He is now teaching peace. Ever since his retirement, he immersed himself into teaching Vedanta and in the last 6 years, he has taught and recorded more than 1187 hours of video! By the way, he commenced his PhD at 54 and obtained his Doctorate at 60! So, you see it is never too late study, and always too early to hang your boots. Wait till you are 80. Give us your next 20 years and Moksha is a possibility.

Here is what we propose to do for each of the categories

·        If you are an academic in Sanskrit, Shastras, Scriptures, Literature, History, Arts, Philosophy or any Indic Knowledge Systems in any Bhartiya language, there is a lot we can do together. We can convert your knowledge into online courses, organize workshops, hold retreats or translate your works into other languages. You can even become a guide for other research scholars or conduct teacher training programs. There are multiple ways of transforming your knowledge into tangible and actionable products, services or experiences. We will explore each one of them.

·        If you always wanted to become a writer or an author, you will become one. We will train you through a third party or our own courses and workshops. You can write for several platforms that we can introduce you to. If you need to conduct field research, we will arrange for the same. We will introduce you to several eminent published authors who will guide you. Once your manuscript is ready, we will also publish your book and more importantly launch it across our growing global network.

·        If you held management or administrative positions in PSUs or the Govt, don’t be tempted by those lucrative ‘consulting’ assignments by the private sector. Trust us. They only want you for your contacts and ability to get work done with your former colleagues, not your expertise. You will not be able to last a day reading Economic Times back to back. Instead, join an NGO. There is a lot you can offer to hundreds of thousands of NGOs that need to establish processes, governance and accountability. The world is increasingly demanding transparency and there is no dearth of donors for NGOs and projects that run their operations in a transparent and accountable manner. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. NGOs are typically started by passionate visionaries so focused on their cause that they often fall short on issues relating to governance. They need your expertise and experience. We will help you find one.

·        If you want to go the entrepreneur route, then look at any area in the field of Ayurveda, Craft, Experiential Tourism, Cuisine, Yoga and we will incubate and accelerate your venture.

The above are only some ideas for you to get started. Join us in our G–20 group. Let’s explore some more ideas together. Let’s work together for our heritage for the next 20 years. We cannot guarantee Moksha, but we certainly can give it a try.

Write to us at with your bio and statement of purpose. The first batch of G 20 will start from Dussehra.

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  • V N Jha says:

    Wonderful Idea. This will transform India. Great opportunity to serve mother land!
    People should come forward.


    Om tat sat! Your G-20 Idea is good, already several individual persons and voluntary (or involuntary,theme based)organisations are doing their bit to propagate Indian Philosophy, spirituality and kudos to them, your effort to bring some of them under an umbrella entity/organisation like yours may accelerate the process
    You may also look at immediate problems facing the nation and the world in the cultural and environmental realms which have direct bearing on the planet’s healthy survival and humanity’s sustenance and propagate and effect concerted action towards UN Sustainable Development Goals