Fellowship Awardees For Books On Kashmir

As announced earlier, Indic Academy‘s Inter Gurukula university Centre (IGUC) is providing fellowships for guided research and writing books. These fellowships are for a three-month duration. One of the topics on which IGUC is funding scholarship is Kashmir, it’s history, culture and it’s place in the larger Indic Civilization.

IGUC has now decided to award fellowships to three researchers for research-based books on Kashmir. The awardees are given below:

Dr Ajithan PIKrama Tantrism of Kashmir and Kerala: A Study on a Sole Living Ritualistic Tradition
Jahnavi BidnurWorks of Kshemendra, the Kashmiri polymath scholar known for his contribution of ‘auchitya’ to Aesthetics.
Megh KalyanasundaramKāśmīra in the Aṣṭādaśavidyā Itihāsa Mahābharatā: A survey

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