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Glimpses of the 1st International Vakyartha Sadas

On July 12th  through 14th 2019 Indic Academy in collaboration with Bharatiya Shikhan Mandal and under the auspices of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University conducted the 1st  International Vakyartha Sabha. In this video we present glimpses of the 1st International Vakyartha Sadas. – The Vakyartha Sadas was the largest traditional confluence, since Independence, of eminent Sanskrit Pandits and Shastracharyas, who debated on the banks Ganga in the oldest living city of Varanasi. The grand confluence of erudite scholars saw the revival of the ancient and traditional form of scholarly debates in Sanskrit on 32 different subjects from 12 distinct Shastras, which was presided over by an esteemed panel of 15 distinguished Sanskrit scholars from across Bharat, Bhutan and Nepal, who evaluated and monitored the intellectual debates. Sanskrit scholars with expertise in varied subjects like Vyakarana (Grammar), Nyaya (logic), Jyotishyam (Astrology), Vaisesika (Physics), Ganitam (Mathematics), Vedanta (liberation), Mimamsa (hermeneutics), Ayurveda, Sahityam and more, came together to participate in the debate and deliberate on pressing issues relating to the survival, revival and propagation of traditional Indic Knowledge Systems (IKS).

Indic Chat Live – An Indic Academy Round Table on The Tashkent Files

The 2nd Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy dies under mysterious circumstances in a foreign land, the entire episode is deftly covered up (which involves a few more “accidental deaths”) and the stalwart of a leader like Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji is shamefully shrunk and caged in only a single line memory of school text books to be read by generation after generation – the guy who gave us the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan”. 53 years laters, Vivek Agnihotri through his latest political thriller “The Tashkent Files”, which opened in the theatres on 12th April 2019, breathes life to all those unanswered questions and reasons behind Shastri Ji’s untimely demise. Indic Academy is proud to be the Intellectual Partner of the brilliantly made, successfully running THE TASHKENT FILES, through a first of its kind of a unique collaboration. As a part of this, Indic Academy organised a freewheeling pre-release conversation between a panel comprising of its members and the The Tashkent Files team. In this no-holds-barred discussion moderated by popular Author, Political commentator, Satirist, Social Media Influencer Shefali Vaidya …

Foreign Funds And Indian Civil Society – How Foreign Money Shapes National Discourse

This talk by C. Surendranath outlines the impact of foreign funding of non-profits in India and analyses the fund flows to India that are regulated by the FCRA Act, 2010. Various data points are presented on: Fund amounts being transferred to Indian non-profit entities The nature of donors and the nature of recipients The uses to which this money is put. This data is utilized to study major donors, recipients and see how they jointly shape the directions that civil society takes. The talk presents different approaches that they take such as: Lobbying the legislature for law making Filing public interest litigation for directing the course of judicial activism Participating in social services provided by the executive arm of the Indian State This is followed by some specific instances that have captured the attention of the Indian public such as the Jallikattu ban, the RTE Act – it’s draft, passage and enforcement as well as others that have not – Childline services, prison visits and building trafficking databases. Finally, Surendranath discuss the motives behind these …