Long Reads

Uniting Spirituality and Ecology: The Western Ghat Temples

India is best known around the globe for its culture, biodiversity, monuments, cuisine, festivals and spiritual practices that depict its holistic philosophy of life. In the original Vedic tradition, all these aspects have been beautifully interlaced into a seamless fabric – a system that enables economic growth without harming the society or environment.

Decoding Number 18

In the last of the series, young author Aditya Sharma decodes the esoteric significance of the Number 18 in the Puraanas.

Expounder of Vedas

इतिहास पुराणाभ्यां वेदं समुपबृंहयेत्। बिभेत्यल्पश्रुताद् वेदो मामयं प्रहरिष्यति।। 1.267,268।। The above verse in the Mahabharata is a declaration by its composer Krishna Dwaipayana(Vyaasa) regarding the purpose of the Epic itself.…

A Brief Introduction to Puranas

It’s obvious that being an Indian, most of us have come across this word Purana. Books, television, internet, general talks, banners, public gatherings, temples and what not, word Purana is…