Author: Krithika Sivaswamy

The Idol Thief By Vijaykumar

Book Review – The Idol Thief

As an art lover I’ve spent major part of my time in attending talks and walks by historians, predominantly in temples of Tamil Nadu. I have always been awestruck by the magnificence and workmanship of our humble anonymous sculptors and temple builders. Reminding myself of the “moola kaaranam”(primary reason) i.e., the kings of our ancient land, I was struck by their virtue and bhakti to the Gods, without which they couldn’t have come up with a beauty like those found in temple sculptures and iconography. While gazing into that amazing lost world, I’ve felt extremely helpless and disappointed whenever I hear about the theft of idols and iconography from  the Temples. There isn’t ONE idol thief but multiple channels with many people aiding and abetting in the theft. The government bodies controlling the magnificent Temple structures, the Devasthanas, our places of worship, especially in Tamil Nadu show extreme apathy and sheer ignorance. One can only get depressed when we see ghastly fluorescent paints, fancy vitrified tiles, lights and fans in a 1000 year old structure. …